About Us

Stylus has a great design and web team at our studio in Shrewsbury Town centre.

We have been building web-sites here and creating beautiful branding and marketing solutions for over seven years. Our clients come to us in Shropshire from all over the UK. Being located in the centre of Shrewsbury has its own attractions for our clients, it’s a picturesque West-Midlands Market Town with great choice of shopping and dining.

Design Office Shrewsbury

Our offices are located in a converted 19thCentury general-merchants building, it’s an ideal environment for creative work.

The ingredients behind the great results we deliver for our clients are;

  • A highly skilled, experienced and conscientious team. We encourage continual research and training whenever possible.
  • Thorough research precedes every project, we invest our time in detailed market-research and understanding your business. We keep ahead of website and online software technologies and web-programming techniques.
  • Every design-component, key-word, image and software-feature is analysed, to confirm ‘this will help the clients business to attract more customers, or to sell at a higher value’.
  • Our ethos is ‘To be known for doing the best work possible’ – clients come to us and recommend us because of this reputation.

  • Stylus is like a marketing department in your company, that you can switch on as and when you need it.

    Every business would like to have a highly skilled website-programming team, graphic-designer or creative marketer in-house. There’s pros and cons with an in-house design or web department, they know the working-practices, products and ethics of their company very well, but this also means they don’t have a broad, fresh perspective on the market sector. Your customers see your company in the same way we do, from the outside-in, a very different and enlightening perspective!

    Real-world marketing experience

    Stylus can provide a better service than other agencies because we empathise with our clients. We’ve been where you are.. involved in concept, designing, sourcing manufacturing, branding and launching a product from scratch. We’re building our e-commerce store, choosing a payment gateway, designing advertising and packaging, creating the brand and trade website and doing the PR for a real product. This means we’ve been through the whole marketing process just like you’re doing now and we see it from your point of view. We know how real money and real time need to be used wisely – and what works and what doesn’t.