First Impressions Count

Researches released a study showing that internet users make up their mind about the quality of a website in the blink of an eye.

This probably wont come as a surprise to most internet users as its not uncommon to click onto a website only for it to look amateurish and quickly hit the back button and view another site.

Most web designers will tell you that image is everything on the internet, and it is.

This is particularly important for ecommerce websites as if your site isnt up to scratch and looks amateurish it will be turning off potential customers. For example would you rather buy from a site that looks like it was made in an hour or a site which looked like it has months of work spent on it?

Regardless of the brand of the site the first thing you look at is how the site actually looks, just as you would in the high street. If you were out to buy a new digital camera would you buy it from a electronic retailer whose shop has a prime location, nice presentable staff, and clean expensive looking furniture or would you opt to buy it from some bloke down a back alley with all his stock in a suitcase?

The beauty of a Stylus online store is that your online shop can look however you wish. For example if you wanted your site to look more like the big e-commerce sites such as Amazon,, etc, you can. We have the technical expertise to build a customised e-commerce solution to match your exact requirements.

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