Hosting & Domain Names

World-class Business Website Hosting from your local Shrewsbury company.

What do you get for your money?

Your website’s reliability and security is very important to us, we aim to outperform all other Shropshire and West-Midlands web-hosting offers with our dedicated service. You can forget maintenance charges and downtime, you pay one flat rate and relax while we do what we’re best at – ensuring your websites perform efficiently.

Our Rackspace partners look after the hardware. This service is regarded as the pinnacle of web-hosting provision in the UK, both for up-to-date technology and for year-after-year support excellence. Read more about our new dedicated server with Rackspace managed hosting

What is the difference between Stylus and other hosting companies?

Other bargain, (lower quality) hosting can not only restrict performance of your site, it can hinder your Google ranking too. You could be sharing a hosting server with spammers and unprofessional sites which can affect your profile with the search-engines. Host your site with Stylus and you’ll be guaranteed a very competent, helpful, service on a carefully monitored and secure server. If you do have any questions, you will benefit from our customer-friendly technical help, we explain everything in plain English and go through each step with you.

Domain names

We can help you manage the administration of your domain names. We minimize your admin charges by organizing your hosting and domain names as a convenient package. Your domain names are your property, we take care of the administration to keep them updated (did you know, that Google rates you on the expiry dates of your domain names).

How do you escape from your existing web-company, to Stylus?

Don’t tolerate sub-standard service, just call us (01743 242313) and we’ll help you move your website, domain-name and email to our higher-spec and customer-focused, web hosting service. It can all be done very quickly and you won’t lose your emails or your website content.

I want to trade online – can you set up my payments securely?

Stylus has experience with all the major payment processing systems. We’ll help you choose the most appropriate e-commerce solution for your business plans. Our hosting service employs HTTPS/SSL certificate security (this displays the padlock in your browser), you will benefit from regular backups along with constant up-dating and testing of our security systems.