Web site design

We specialise in web-site design to improve your marketing and branding. If you’re a global company, looking to communicate on a personal level we’ll provide websites which talk everyone’s language with internationalisation and localisation of the web-page design and copywriting. If you’re a small company with big capabilities, we’ll give you a credible big-company image.

Content managed (CMS) websites which also allow you to do your own SEO. If our pro-active online-marketing service still isn’t quick enough for you, take complete control of all aspects of your own web-marketing with a website editing and content management system, tailored to the skill-levels of your staff. Web page editing has never been so easy. We’ve taken Content Management to a new level of convenience, which means your customers benefit from always-up-to-date information, because it’s a breeze to manage and edit your websites pages.

For manufacturer’s and distributor’s web-sites, we provide one of the finest online dealer-locator and product-finder systems. With an online dealer-locator and product-finder on your website you can have vital supply-demand information delivered to your desktop.

STYLUS designs websites to the latest W3C XHTML CSS accessibility standards. This website coding and design ensures your online marketing can be viewed by the maximum number of visitors. Web standards compliance and good interface design, demonstrates to your customers you are committed to quality and high standards.